Beaulieu Outdoor Sculpting Exhibition.

This exhibition is running from: 25th May- 11th August 2016.


There are a wide range of sculptures on show.


Paul has three of his pieces displayed at this exhibition. These are: ‘Fibonacci Spirals’; ‘Off duty Canine’; ‘A Tender Embrace’.


This 'sculpture trail' is in the extensive grounds of the famous 'Beaulieu Motor musuem' (located near Southampton-  Brockenhurst, SO42 7ZN )


Riverhouse Gallery, Walton on Thames, KT12-2PF.  22nd July - 16th August 2015.

This is a gallery on first flooor-with excelent lighting.


Paul is exhibiting two of his creations: Jigoro Kano(Founder of Judo) a wall plaque in bronze & resin; and Fibonacci Spirals, in aluminium & resin.


Loseley Sculpting Exhibition - 30th June- 27th July 2015. 

This year Paul was exhibitting his:  'BB. King plaque- 'The Thrill is gone'.



Wisley Gardens Sculpting exhibition.  Saturday 23rd August - Sunday 28th September 2014.

Follow the beautiful trail of 64 sculptures, designed and created by members of the  'Surrey Sculpture Society' - from all over the South East.


In this exhibition, Paul was displaying his sculpture- 'Fibonacci Spirals'.

Loseley Sculpting Exhibition - 4th July- 18th August 2014.

This exhibition is set in the magificent gardens of Loseley house.


Here among several exhibits, Paul is exhibiting two sculptures.


These are: Fibonacci Spirals; and Wayward spliff smoking dog.( 'Off Duty Canine')


Details of both of these sculptures can be viewed on this web site.

Sculpture Exhibition- 'App Art'...5th- 18th April 2014.

This is a change of venue for the 'App Art' Exhibitions. (In association with SSS/- Surrey Sculpture Society)


It is being held this time at: Prior's Field School, Prior's Field Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2RH.


Open daily from 10am-  4pm.


With approx 650 exhibits, both indoor and outside, it is well worth a visit.


There will be a wide variety of sculptures and paintings on display, so something to appeal to everyone's taste.


n.b.  The exhibition entrance is approx 200 yards past the main entrance, on the right.


'Google map' ref:,-0.642231,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x38d74d4f71bc2a6


Paul was exhibitting two of his creations at this venue: Fibonacci Spirals;  and 'Illusion of Love'- glass fusing plaque.

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