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Art brings people together, creativity opens hearts. So take a look at my sculptures and see what moves you. 


Commissions are welcomed, so simply give me a call to discuss and take advantage of a free consulation and quotation.

These sculptures cover a wide range of ideas and materials.


Materials used are: clay- to mould the original pieces. From these finished pieces, a skilled professional makes rubber moulds, from which he then makes 'cold casts' with resin.


To obtain a variety of attractive finishes, different materials in powder form are added to the resin.  i.e. alunminium; copper, bronze, iron, colours, onyx etc.


In addition, if desired, a variety of chemicals can be added to the cast piese (at no additional cost.)- to create different colour effects.


If anyone requires such a finish, please contact Paul to discuss options available.


The customer can chose a finish that is most appealing to them.


With regards to the glass fusing pieces, the customer can request a particular colour of glass or design to be incorporated into the fused glass piece.


N.B.  Please take into account, upon placing an order, there is a gestation period of approx three weeks. This is to allow time for a cast to be made from the mould of a chosen piece.


Picture gallery

BB King.

‘The Thrill is gone’

This particular piece shows the ‘blues guitarist extraordinaire’—BB King.


Here he is playing one of his most famous pieces of music--‘The Thrill is gone’.


It is always a challenge to select the most appropriate image of a particular artist.

Paul looked at hundreds of images of ‘BB’ before selecting this one.


So it was gratifying, after completing the sculpture, to hear ‘Buddy Guy’- another talented blues guitarist stating during a TV documentary on blues music, “BB King is the only musician, whom I can tell what he is playing/singing- with the sound turned Off!”--- and- this was the actual photo image he showed as he made these comments!


Blues music is one of Paul’s passions.


This piece is cast in bronze resin. Size = 350mm Wd. X 470mm Ht.



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A Tender Embrace.




'A Tender Embrace'


This is a romantic composition, inspired by a similar beautiful photo someone sent me on their Facebook wall.


Unfortunately, I did not save the picture, and could not find it later when deciding to create this piece.


Hopefully some of the beauty of the original photo has been reproduced in this creation.


        Sizes: Ht: 30cm; Wd: 38cm



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Fibonacci Spirals.


This piece was inspired when considering venturing into creating an abstract sculpture.


It was during the creation of this piece that Paul read a report detailing the ‘huge energies which are approaching Planet Earth from the Galaxy at this time.’

These energies are termed…’Fibonacci Spirals’

This perhaps begs the question as to how much we are aware on a sub conscious level of what is occurring around us on a more subtle level, and how this can affect our conscious thought.


Having completed the piece, it became obvious that it would be best enjoyed/enhanced by casting in a finish/material which could utilise the prevailing light.  (i.e. aluminium resin, onyx etc)


 Sizes: Ht: 34cm; Wd: 20cm


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Jigoro Kano- plaque.

Jigoro Kano was a Japanese man who invented the sport of Judo(meaning ‘The Gentle Way’), about 100 years ago.


He was also a professor of education, a deeply spiritual man, and an 8th Dan black belt in the art of Jujitsu.


He achieved his ambition of having Judo accepted at all levels in the Japanese educational curriculum.


 Sizes: Ht: 48cm; Wd: 29cm



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'Off Duty Canine' (Wayward Drugs Sniffer Dog.)

This is an ‘ironical humour piece’


The inspiration for this piece came about when two people were discussing ‘drugs dogs at airports’.


The humorous thought occurred “I wonder if any of those dogs are ever tempted to try the produce?!”

Then the thought, “Has anyone seen Fido?”


 Response-  “Yes, he’s over there behind those crates – smoking a spliff!...lol”


The character of the dog developed as the sculpture took form, from that basic concept.


The addition of the ‘gansgta hat’ was an afterthought to add character.


 Sizes: Ht: 27cm;  Wd: 15cm



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Judo Players.

This piece was created with a desire to express: movement, agility, skill, power, physical dexterity.


Paul drew upon his extensive experience in a variety of martial arts, spanning sixteen years.


In this particular case the martial art of –Judo (‘The Gentle Way’), which Paul has also taught.


This sculpture demonstrates an advanced power throw, ‘Hari Makikomi’ (meaning ‘winding technique’)


The purpose of this particular throw, is that the thrower ‘winds himself around the opponent’, thus preventing them from performing an acrobatic manoeuvre to escape the throw.


When performed correctly, this is a very effective throw, which results in a full/maximum point score (Ippon) being awarded.


Sizes: Ht: 19cm; Wd: 26cm



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Glass Fusing- ‘Illusion of Love'



This is an 'optical illusion' piece of artwork.


The tree branches contain images of faces of  ‘lovers kissing’.


The creation involves a composition of two sheets of special glass.


The artwork is created on one of the lower sheets of coloured glass, before being fused in a kiln.


Why not consider commissioning an original piece of artwork?


Please feel free to contact Paul for a free consultation and quotation.


Sizes: Ht: 20cm; Wd: 30cm



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Glass Fusing- Horse.




This piece was a commission, a birthday present for a young lady who is passionate about horses.


The construction involves a composition of two sheets of special glass.


The artwork is created on one of the lower sheets of coloured glass, before being fused in a kiln.


Although this specific piece is not for sale, another similar, or with a different artistic design could be created as desired.


Please feel free to contact Paul for a free consultation and quotation.